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Posing is often thought of as staged and looking directly at the camera with that perfect smile. But posing is so much more than you probably realize. Do any of the below thoughts ever go through your mind when you are photographing a client, whether it’s a family, a mom to be, a senior or young children?

  • I never know what to tell clients when posing them.

  • What are they supposed to do with their hands without looking awkward?

  • My clients always look stiff and I don’t know why.

  • How can I get my clients to look natural?

  • I want my clients to have fun when I’m taking their picture but I don’t know how to do that.

Amy is going to spend 4 weeks with you to help you gain confidence in posing and know just what to do to help your clients feel and look relaxed. You will learn how to make connections through simple and natural posing.

You will be added to a Facebook Group that will be created just for photographers sign up for this workshop. Each week, for 4 weeks, you will be given videos and written content to learn from, as well as weekly homework. The videos will not be live, so you can log in at your leisure. All content will be available for you to download and keep.

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WEEK ONE: The Foundation to Posing and Photographing Portraits

  • How and Why Locations are Chosen

  • Best Equipment to Use for Portraits

  • Knowing What Aperture to Use

  • Rules of Posing

  • Flattering Angles

  • Helping Clients Feel Comfortable

  • Capturing Genuine Moments

  • VIDEO: Posing Couples

  • BONUS: A Maternity Session

WEEK TWO: Working With Children

  • Creating Trust with Children

  • Candid Moments

  • Uncooperative Children (a.k.a…2 year olds!)

  • How to Capture a Variety of Expressions

  • Working with Child Models

  • VIDEO: Posing Children

  • BONUS VIDEO: A Styled Tween Session

WEEK THREE: Capturing Families

  • Posing Multiple People on the Same Plane

  • What to do With Hands

  • The Must-Have Props for Family Sessions

  • Posing Ideas for all Ages

  • Group Set Ups Within a Family

  • Capturing Family Interaction and Connection

  • VIDEO: Photographing Families

WEEK FOUR: Posing Seniors

  • Posing Boys

  • Posing Girls

  • Going From One Pose to the Next (Flow Posing)

  • Capturing that Serious Face and Natural Smile

  • Flattering Upper Body Angles

  • What to do with Hands and Feet

  • Incorporating Props

  • VIDEO: Photographing a Senior

  • BONUS VIDEO: Photographing Best Friends

You will receive written content for each week. At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive printed posing cards to keep in your camera bag to glance at when your mind has gone blank (because it happens to all of us!), one consolidated copy of each week’s content (this is great to print and store in a binder), a style guide to send your clients and a few other surprises!

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  • 3-4 hours each week to devote to watching the videos, reading the written content and doing your homework. While the videos aren’t live, you will get the most out of this workshop by participating along with the group.

  • A DSLR camera. The brand and lenses don’t matter, although I do suggest having at least 1 lens that has an aperture of at least 1.8.

  • A general understanding of how to shoot in manual mode.


  • This workshop will run from May 21-June 18th. Each week’s content will be loaded up to the group on Tuesday of each week. You will have access to the private Facebook group beginning May 16th.

  • The cost of this workshop is $159.00. Payment is due in full upon registration. Registration will open up on April 29th and close on May 16th. There will be an early bird discount of $25.00 off when you sign up prior to May 3rd.

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ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Amy Phipps has owned her business, On the Phippside Photography, for 9 years and has run Blush for the past 2 years. She has photographed celebrities, had photos and articles published in magazines, had images grace the cover of magazines and mentored countless photographers from around the world. She has taught classes and workshops on posing, editing and learning how to shoot in manual. Amy has been married for 26 years, is the mother to 4 children (ages 16, 18, 19 and 21…so they’re more like adults now!), believes flip flops can be worn all year long and that tacos should be eaten every day.

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