We're LIVE!!

I can't believe we're finally live!  Angie and I have spent months going over what content we wanted to start out with, what we felt you would value and then getting to work.  And during that time, I think Angie had something like 1,409,367 mini sessions and I had some weddings to photograph and my own fall mini sessions!  We're also both moms and have our own families we're devoted to, and somewhere in there was Thanksgiving and Christmas!  To say we've been busy in an understatement!  

One of our first actions was to create the Facebook group for Blush.  This group has been amazing.  There are women and men in here that help each other, give sound advice, cheer each other on and ask great questions.  If you aren't a member of the group yet, come and join us!  Now that the website is live, we will be updating the Facebook fanpage on a regular basis.  There, you will be able to find out what's going on here on the site, posts in the group and some of our favorite images shared.  We're all about business, but we also love sharing sharing some love with our photographers!

In the next month, we'll have some celebrity photographer interviews that will knock your socks off!  One particular photographer is someone I've had a bit of a girl crush on for years now, so I'm crazy excited to share that with you!  And, we'll be having a giveaway, of course!  Because anytime something launches, there should be free stuff, right?!  More resources and products will also be added to the shop as we now have more time to spend on designing!

On a more personal note, I've got me some goals this year.  I'm a pretty open person on social media.  I like to put myself out there socially, which is weird because I'm quite an introvert.  I love staying home and just being here.  All day.  My husband likes running errands and shopping, so I've gotten into a groove of just being home a lot.  Unless I have a session.  Then I sort of have to leave the house.  And when I'm with clients, you could never tell I was an introvert.  But that's because I have my camera in hands.  I think without it, I would be mute.  For reals.  I just think I'm socially awkward.  I don't do small talk.  I like to get right to it.  So this year, I'm going to try and be more social.  I'm also going to try doing a 365 project (where you take one picture every day for the year, as a way to look back on the year).  I tried last year and failed on day #7.  My other goal is to up my game with my IPS sales.  Make more money, change how I do my sales...all that fun stuff.  So later this week I'll lay out my plan for you and what changes I've decided to do and I'll update you throughout the year with how it's going.  

Thanks for being here and we can't wait to be a part of your world! 


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