3 Social Media Tips to Help You Connect

I found a great photographer on facebook the other day.  She was one of those photographers I stumbled upon when in a group.  She posted a photo on a thread.  Since she was posting under her name and not her business, I went to her name to go check out her fanpage.  Only one problem.  Her fanpage wasn't listed.  Which brings me to this post!

1.  The very first thing you should do when setting up your social media is listing your facebook fanpage on your own personal page.  All too often, this is overlooked and people can't find you!  And if people can't find you, you could be missing out on paying clients and other opportunities. The steps to do this are very simple.  

  • Go to your personal page>Update Info>Add a Workplace>Enter in your Info for your fanpage(a blue link should show up for it when you go to type it in)
  • Add any info there that you want, like Owner, Photographer, Add to your Newsfeed to let all your friends know that you've just added this to your Bio...that's it!  If it doesn't show up in your Intro, click on the pencil icon to edit that section on your homepage.  Then click the box next to your added info.  This will make sure the Workplace info you added will now show up if it wasn't before.
  • Now everyone will see that when they go to your page!

2.  Learn to use the right hashtags on Instagram.  Then save those hashtags.  I keep a saved list in the memo section of my phone.  That way I can post my photo and then copy and paste my list of relevant hashtags.

  • For example, if I post a senior photo and want it to reach some of the IG sites to hopefully get shared, I want to make sure I use hashtags like #theseniorcollective or #seniorstyleguide.  For photos with children, you would want to include hashtags like #letthekids and #childhoodunplugged.  
  • Do some IG searching to find out what hashtags are trending for different genres if you're interested in being featured by other sites.  
  • If you aren't, be sure to include your own hashtags, like your business name, your city and photography words. #stocktonphotographer, #stocktonfamilyphotographer, #onthephippsidephotography, #stocktonseniorphotographer are all hashtags I use for my business.

3.  Be authentic.  In all of your social media sites, be yourself.  Clients will inevitably either follow you or look you up.  

  • Whether it's your website, Pinterest, IG, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, be sure that the message you are sending out on social media is who you want to be perceived as.  And the best way to do that is to be true to who you are.  That is the best way to connect with clients and potential clients.  
  • I've learned in my 7 years of owning my own business that you never know where your next client is going to come from.  So make sure that what you are posting is with respect, kindness and love.